31 Ingenious Ways To Make Doing Laundry Easier

View this image › 1. Install labeled baskets for family members to pick up their laundry. blog.familybringsjoy.com blog.familybringsjoy.com   Make them come get their own damn laundry! 2. Hang hampers for easy pre-laundry sorting. View this image › amazon.com This photo comes from an Amazon.com user: “We bought 3”x1” pine wood 6’ long. Then added […]

Sculptor Transforms Block Of Wood Into A Pile Of Money

Woodworking sculptor Randall Rosenthal has spent thousands of hours perfecting his craft. This 60-year-old New Yorker has an impressive command of his materials, pulling incredible textures out of wood.  1. This project began as three white pine pieces glued together to form a block base. 2. The entire sculpture would emerge from this block of […]

21 Steps To The Best Pumpkin Carving Party Ever

1. Find a charming autumnal location. View this image › savingbestforlast.blogspot.com 2. Maybe even a well-lit pile of leaves will do. View this image › 3. Send invitations. View this image › someecards.com / Via mcsweeneys.net 4. Gear up… View this image › buycostumes.com …so your guests can create masterpieces. View this image › pinterest.com […]

An honest obit… He wasn’t too good with tools.

From the always-interesting blog Futility Closet… A man was killed by a circular saw, and in his obituary notice it was stated that he was ‘a good citizen, an upright man and an ardent patriot, but of limited information with regard to circular saws.’ – James Baird McClure, ed., Entertaining Anecdotes From Every Available Source, […]

15 Easy Gifts You Can Put In A Mug

1. Peppermint Tea Gift View this image › A Pumpkin & A Princess / apumpkinandaprincess.com Festive drinks are awesome, but sometimes you just need a light tea to get through the holidays. Check out this simple treasure here. 2. Mug Planters View this image › The Happy Housie / thehappyhousie.com A totally unexpected gift — […]

Kickstarter-Funded Tool Kit Fits in Your Wallet

Product Name: TulsPrice: $22 (stainless steel); $33 (titanium)Who would like this?: Minimalists, geeks, dads, craftspeople, smartphone addicts Tools are heavy; Tuls, on the other hand, are the size of credit cards, and they’ll fit in a wallet just the same. New England-based company Onehundred, which is obsessed with providing everyday products through “simple, thoughtful design,” […]

15 Action Items for Your Summer Bucket List

Image: Flickr, Peretz Partensky You skied, you ate more meat than you thought was humanly possible and your mom is still mad at you for wearing that hideous sweater to Thanksgiving at your aunt’s. That was winter. This is summer. If you can escape mom’s wrath, there are a few rugged activities you should get […]

The 21 Loveliest Places To Go For A Date In London

View this image › Matt Tucker / Via BuzzFeed Images via madisonlondon1, @taliaco, _janss_ , @gigina08 , @clairemichie82 , @lunarsynthesis, @carolinabkoster, @d4vestory and @5am3t13nn3 on Instagram View this image › Matthew Lloyd / Getty 1. A walk on the Southbank. @jackhunterblair on Instagram @jeera on Instagram @jackhenryjames on Instagram   Stroll along the Thames, thumb […]