Community Post: 28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow DIYs

1. Wooden Floor Mat View this image › / Via 2. Zipper Rainbow Pouch View this image › Via 3. Rainbow Tie Dye Socks View this image › Via 4. Rainbow Party Decorations View this image › Via 5. Colorful Spray Painted Folding Chairs View this image › Via […]

Community Post: 20 Awesome Internet Meme Crafts

1. Grumpy Cat Embroidery View this image › Via 2. Feminist Ryan Gosling Embroidered Pillow View this image › Via 3. Futurama Meme Gift Card View this image › Via 4. Bed Intruder Onesie View this image › Via 5. Nyan Cat Quilt View this image › Flickr: muppin / Via […]

New York City Subway Needs a ‘System Restore’

Yes, crashed Windows OS, we know the New York City subway system was unable to restart after Hurricane Sandy. And, yes, we would love to run a system restore. After Sandy ravaged the East Coast Monday evening, the subway system in New York City was left crippled. Not immune to inclement weather, the Windows-based display […]

Community Post: Sue Teller, The Original Crafty Hipster

Video available at: The “Do Your Own Adventure” series with Sue Teller was posted by Youtube User mmand86’s channel. MMand86 claimed to have edited the arts and craft program while working at Charter Comm in 2007, though it’s speculated this was a tongue-in-cheek spoof by Mountain Dew. This video shares Sue woodburning a pair […]