Watch This Beautiful 400-Year-Old Craft Emerge Before Your Eyes.

Everyone loves instant gratification. There’s nothing better than watching your efforts pay off immediately. While this craft isn’t exactly instant, it’s sure fun to watch. In Sendai, Japan, Yasuo Okazaki creates traditional wooden kokeshi dolls from blocks of wood. He was filmed creating a doll by tetotetote, an organization promoting traditional crafts of the Sendai area. Watch […]

19 Nerdy Knits You Need To Knit Right Now

Wave your geek flag high with these brilliant and wooly projects. 1. Sherlock Wallpaper Pillow View this image › Andrea “Trooperschaf” / Via Feeling “bored?” Distract yourself by knitting up this friendly pillow. The pattern can be easily adapted and repurposed to make other knitting projects such as a scarf or a blanket. Pattern […]

This Startup Gives Couples Ingredients for the Perfect Date Night

Name: Dejamor Quick Pitch: Delivers monthly packages to help couples keep the spark alive in their relationships. Genius Idea: Dejamor delivers discreet packages to couples with all the ingredients they need for romantic experiences, as curated by relationship coaches, psychologists and intimacy experts. Intimacy and spontaneity are key ingredients to a successful and happy partnership. That’s where […]

Community Post: 28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow DIYs

1. Wooden Floor Mat View this image › / Via 2. Zipper Rainbow Pouch View this image › Via 3. Rainbow Tie Dye Socks View this image › Via 4. Rainbow Party Decorations View this image › Via 5. Colorful Spray Painted Folding Chairs View this image › Via […]

Community Post: 20 Awesome Internet Meme Crafts

1. Grumpy Cat Embroidery View this image › Via 2. Feminist Ryan Gosling Embroidered Pillow View this image › Via 3. Futurama Meme Gift Card View this image › Via 4. Bed Intruder Onesie View this image › Via 5. Nyan Cat Quilt View this image › Flickr: muppin / Via […]